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Hippocampus (Sea Horse): symbol of fidelity. World's most faithful animal.

Hippocampus (Sea Horse): symbol of fidelity. World's most faithful animal.
The hippocampus is a really curious animal, since ancient times the Greeks have given place in their mythology. Half horse, half sea creature, was considered a symbol of fidelity and loyalty. This was so that the Greeks believed that a Hippocampus pulling the strings of the chariot of Poseidon.
Leaving aside the mythology and closer to science, many scientists consider the Seahorse with dolphins, orcas, Japanese cranes, swans and termites as the most faithful animal World . Ironically then, they say that the male black widow is the most faithful animal in the world, since the end of impregnate his partner is killed by it.
The Seahorses have an average life of between one and four years, and belong to the family Syngnathidae along with pipefish. Forman in his life and in almost every opportunity one partner being a monogamous species. So much so that every morning when you wake up, walk with your partner performing a dance 10 minutes (do not forget to watch the video of dancing of these beautiful animals below the text). When one dies, the congener that lives on many opportunities usually die shortly. It is considered very rare for a Hippocampal sole re-form a new partner.
Worldwide, there are 50 known species of Hippocampus measuring a few cm to 35 cm in some species as "abdominal Hippocampus". Another curiosity striking seahorse is that the male stop their young, and the female lays eggs in a bag that takes this to be fertilized by the male sperm.
The symbol of unconditional love by Seahorse is therefore much truth though the rule is not 100% compliant. However stockings jewelry medals and the idea of ​​soul mate, always will be an ideal symbolized by this cute animal. So much so that today the photos and drawings of seahorses seahorses are looking for tattoos usually related to women in love with great love and faithfulness.
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